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Sunlight BonAge

Skeletal Age Assessment
BonAge is the ideal tool for skeletal age evaluation for children and adolescents with growth abnormalities. Radiation-free, accurate, and objective, BonAge is designed to provide on-the-spot results based on the widely accepted Greulich and Pyle method.

A Window on Skeletal Development
BonAge assesses skeletal age, sometimes known as bone age, by measuring the ossifying cartilage structures of the wrist, which provide an excellent window on the development of the skeleton. The unique technology utilized by BonAge measures the velocity of an ultrasound wave transmitted through the wrist, using a proprietary algorithm and gender- and ethnicity-based reference curves to produce a skeletal age result in years and months. Results, which are produced automatically by the device without the need for interpretation by a physician, are highly correlated with conventional readings using the Greulich and Pyle method.

Added Value
The device also incorporates additional features related to development, including a growth module that includes gender- and ethnicity-based growth follow-up, and adult height prediction. An optional bone strength assessment package is offered to provide a complete pediatric evaluation tool for convenience and ease of use for the physician.

The device is CE approved.

Technical Specifications

In the United States, the BonAge device is available for research use only.